You must pay attention to the signs given to you by your vehicle to know the problem and seek immediate auto repair services. The brake system is one vital part of your car that you should ensure it’s in good working condition. If you’re experiencing brake problems, you should quickly visit or call a mechanic. Your vehicle’s braking system is a lifeline for any driver or car owner in case of a possible accident.


Below are common signs of brake issues or problems: 

Your Brake Warning Light Is On

The easiest way to know if you need a brake repair service is indicated by a brake light that turns on when there is a problem with your brakes. It can be easily seen on your dashboard and can be red, yellow, or orange. You should get a brake inspection from an auto repair shop if you notice that your brake light is on when you look at it on the dashboard. 

Heavy Grinding Sounds

There would be a heavy metallic grinding sound if you missed the initial screeching signs indicating your brake pads are completely worn down.

The grinding noise is from the rotor rubbing against the metal plate. If this behavior continues, it may scratch the brake rotors or even cause the brakes to stick due to metals melting, a serious safety risk.

You should seek immediate brake service from experienced auto repair experts.  

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Squealing and Screeching Noises

If you hear squealing or screeching noises, the problem could be in the brake pads or shoes. Worn brake pads in your vehicle are why you have these sounds that stop when the brakes are applied. Brake pads, just like the treads of the vehicle’s tires, also wear out over time. You should have them replaced with new brake pads as soon as possible when you hear a high-pitched squeak or have squealing brakes.

Also, besides worn-out brake shoes, the screeching noise could result from glazed brake rotors due to excessive braking that causes the metal to burn after heating, meaning it is time to replace the rotors.

Your Brake Pedal is Squishy

This situation is experienced when a brake fluid leakage from the system. You will need to push harder to get your vehicle to stop because your vehicle will have spongy brakes.

You may also feel differently when applying the brakes if the brake fluid is leaking.

You should take your car to a technician for brake repair services. A fluid leak is an issue that could put you at risk while and possible sources of the problem could be moisture in the braking system or master cylinder.

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Your Brake Pedal and Steering Wheel Vibrates 

This happens when the brakes are applied. When you experience the vibration of your brake pedal and steering wheel, you should immediately take your vehicle to a professional mechanic. Rotors warp due to sudden braking or excessive hard braking.

So during the normal application of your brakes, the brake pedals and steering handle will vibrate because of the rotors’ uneven surfaces pressed against the pads. Your rotors will need replacement. On rare occasions, you might need brake pad replacement if one or more are chipped or cracked.   

The Nose of Your Vehicle Pulls to One Side When You Brake

When your car pulls especially when you apply brakes, it could be a stuck brake caliper which is the cause of this issue that is also considered one of the most common brake problems.

The brake pads will eventually wear unevenly. Some components might become stressed, leading to further damage; the parts include the steering rack or knuckles, ball joints, and others. This brake issue might come from other sources as well.

Bringing the Car to A Stop Takes More Time than It Used To

This behavior is known as brake fade. It is caused by excessively high temperatures, which overheat the brake pads, causing them to produce less friction.

This situation will make your car take more time to stop when applying the brakes. Brake fade can also be caused by the improper fixing of the brake pads or an overheated brake caliper.

Overheating can cause the hardening of the material used to make brake pads. You should get a brake job from reliable mechanics if your vehicle takes longer than usual to stop after braking. 

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You Smell A Burning Odor When Driving

If you smell a strange odor, it is safe to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic as soon as possible. The chemical you smell comes from hard braking, especially during high speeding, and your car’s brakes could also fail. It is wise to visit an auto shop for brake services if you smell a strange or chemical odor.  

Common Causes Of Brake Failure

There are hundreds of accidents on an annual basis that are caused by brake failure. The number one reason for a failed braking is the negligence of the vehicle’s owner. Ignoring regular car maintenance practices may have catastrophic effects.

More causes of brake failure include:

  • Overheated brake pads. This mostly happens as a result of excessive use or hard braking. They will need brake pad replacement after the old ones become brittle.

  • Hydraulic fluid leakage. Your braking system should be inspected to ensure the hydraulic line has not infiltrated the braking system.

  • Damaged rotor disks. Your brake pads’ lifespan will be reduced if a disk rotor is damaged and makes it hard to stop your vehicle.

  • Loss of pressure from hydraulic brake fluid. If this pressure by hydraulic brake fluid force is not enough, the car won’t be able to have sufficient stopping power when the brakes are pressed.

  • Driving through the mud. This will reduce the friction between the rotor disks and the brake pads.

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