Dual rear wheels, front and rear axles, directional tires, uneven tire wear, and uneven tread wear are different phrases we don’t think about until we have to. At least when it comes to rear axle tires, front tires, or rear tires, many of us do not think about it daily.

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We have a wide variety of factors to think about in our daily lives. Still, we must think about tire rotations and the right tire rotation service to keep everything moving as seamlessly as it should in our lives.

Remember that the tires of a car work hard but get less attention. Sometimes you don’t even remember to give it the needed care until it wears out or becomes damaged. 

The car tire is an essential part of the car. Therefore, just like the other parts of your vehicle, you should not neglect the tires during routine checks and maintenance to avoid disappointment and problems. The car can’t get you where you’re going without the tire.

At KarFix Auto Repair, we can take care of the car’s tires by rotating them. You might be wondering what that means. Tire rotation is what you imagine it to be. It involves removing all the tires from their initial position and moving them to a different spot. You can switch the front tires with the back tires.

Let us look at why tire rotation service matters for all-wheel-drive vehicles and other types of vehicles.

Why is Tire Rotation Important?

Every car owner’s dream is to drive their car for miles without breaking down. That means every car component should be in good shape at all times.

The tire of the car is constantly exposed to friction. Your car tire is constantly grinding against the tarred and untarred roads you drive daily. Since the tire is always working when the car is in motion, it is exposed to wear and tear.

In most cases, the front tires of a car work harder than those at the back. Sometimes you see some cars, and the two front tires look unkempt and worn out, but the back tires look good.

Rotating the tires helps your car’s tires wear evenly. And it makes them last longer than they would if they were not rotated properly.

How Often Should You Get A Tire Rotation for Your Car?

Changing your tires as a DIY(Do-It-Yourself) task is tedious to do. At the same time, hiring a professional to get your tires rotated can cost you some dollars. Therefore, rotating your tires should not be as often as putting water in the radiator.

Michelin Tire USA’s official Twitter account suggested in a post that you rotate your car’s tires every six months, or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles driven.

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Some factors can influence how often you should rotate your tires or how you should rotate the tires; they include:

  • Vehicle Usage – driving often would mean the tires will do more work. When the tire is working harder, it should be rotated more frequently.
  • Type Of Tire – when you want to buy a new set of tires, you should be sure you are getting the original tires. They will wear out quickly if they are not of high quality. An original tire lasts longer and might not need to be rotated as often as the other types of tires. You can look up information on your tire manufacturer’s website to learn how frequently you should rotate your tires.

Other things you should consider when getting your car tires rotated include:

  • The braking system of the car
  • Size of the tires on your car

What If I Fail to Rotate My Tires Regularly?

As mentioned earlier, tire rotation extends the lifespan of your car’s tires.

The possible problems you might face if you don’t rotate your tires regularly are:

Heat Build-Up in the Tires.

The tire is designed to have treads on it. The grooves that make up a tire’s tread help cool the heat generated between the tires and the road. When the tread wears out, cooling the tire becomes difficult, and there is a heat buildup in the tires.

If it is not attended to, heat buildup can cause tire failure.


When the treads wear out, that makes it difficult for cars to stop when you apply the brakes on a slippery surface. That is because the tread grooves aid the tire’s grip on any surface.

It becomes difficult when they are not present.


Sometimes you can’t take it anymore and give in to pressure. This happens to the tires that are exposed to strains. They might give in and blow out if they are not rotated.

Poor traction 

It is pretty common to have poor traction in the winter. It is because the tire needs more tread depth to be able to move well in snow. When the front tires have worn out, it becomes difficult to move in the snow. With proper rotation, the wear is kept to a minimum.

When was the last time you had your tires rotated? The benefit of rotating your tires frequently outweighs the risk of not rotating your tires on time. You should do it right away if you don’t remember when you last did it or haven’t done it in the last six months.

KarFix Auto Repair Is Here To Assess for Uneven Wear and Offer Exceptional Tire Rotation Service in Holland, MI

Tire Rotation

If you are looking for help with your four tires, front axle tires, or spare tire, our team is here for you. KarFix Auto Repair team has extensive experience in dealing with various aspects of your vehicle.

Whether you are looking for help to rotate tires or need help with brake repair and replacement or another service like transmission repair and replacement, our team is here for you.

We understand the importance of driving your vehicle from point A to point B with simplicity, and we are here to ensure you have a seamless driving experience.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our master mechanics!

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