Tire Rotation: Why Is It Important & How Often You Should Do It

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Dual rear wheels, front and rear axles, directional tires, uneven tire wear, and uneven tread wear are different phrases we don’t think about until we have to. At least when it comes to rear axle tires, front tires, or rear tires, many of us do not think about it daily. At KarFix Auto Repair, we can […]

The Benefits of Regular Auto Repair & Maintenance

Auto maintenance is a crucial aspect of being a car owner that you should not take lightly if you value your vehicle. Routine maintenance can help you detect problems early when they’re less expensive to address or prevent entirely. This saves you money on repairs and protects you from the worry, danger, and inconveniences that come […]

Top Signs You Need Brake Repair Services

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You must pay attention to the signs given to you by your vehicle to know the problem and seek immediate auto repair services. The brake system is one vital part of your car that you should ensure it’s in good working condition. If you’re experiencing brake problems, you should quickly visit or call a mechanic. Your […]

10 Maintenance Care Tips for Your Car

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It is a fantastic idea to ensure that your car undergoes the necessary maintenance. You want to do so because it provides you with complete peace of mind as you go from one place to the other. The second reason you want to maintain your vehicle is that a portion of motor vehicle fatalities can […]