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Suspension & Steering Repair in Holland, MI

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Unusual tire wear, excessive shaking or vibration of the steering wheel, loud noise when driving on bumpy roads are all signs that your shocks are struts are due for service.


Your ability to control your car and withstand vibrations depends on the conditions of springs, shocks, struts, and tires. The steering and suspension determine how your car handles the road at heart. The system prevents you from experiencing uncomfortable potholes and bumps on Michigan roads. Together with the steering, your suspension system also ensures car handling is as smooth as possible. At Karfix Auto Repair in Holland, MI, we have ASE-certified technicians and the best tools available to fix any steering and suspension issues your vehicle has. We offer fast and affordable repairs on most foreign and domestic vehicles. If you are looking for a Steering And Suspension Service Near Me, call us to make an appointment.


When the suspension and steering are in good condition, you can maneuver safely and enjoy a comfortable ride that’s also free of vibrations and bumps. Your shocks and struts – vital components of the suspension system – need to be in good condition. Worn or damaged shocks and struts make your car unstable and lead to swaying, poor vehicle handling, and holding. If your car has crossed the 50,000 miles, stop by at Karfix Auto Repair for a complete inspection of your steering and suspension system as well as the front and rear wheels.

Benefits of Suspension & Steering Repair

A smooth, comfortable ride in your car doesn’t happen by chance. Various factors come into play, but a healthy suspension is at its heart. The suspension system is made up of springs, shock absorbers, and connections between the wheels and your car. Routine checks and maintenance ensure your suspension is strong enough to absorb shock so you won’t feel bumps on the road.


Another reason to service your suspension regularly is that your vehicle will take corners smoothly. If something is off with the steering and suspension, your car’s performance, handling, and safety become a problem. A healthy suspension system also ensures that your car is at the correct height from the ground. Without it, the undercarriage can touch the road.


Staying on top of suspension and steering issues not only means a smooth, comfortable ride, but it can help you steer clear of major auto repairs some years down the road. Replacing shocks or struts, changing worn-out bushings, and having regular wheel alignments are cheaper insurance for your motor vehicle and a good way to avoid major parts failure in the long run.

Whether you realize it or not, your car relies on a healthy suspension for a safe ride on Holland, MI roads. Problems with suspension can cause untimely tire wear and affect your car’s alignment. If your car has suspension and steering issues, you endanger yourself and other road users. You can avoid unnecessary crashes or mishaps by having mechanics perform suspension diagnostic checks and repairs. Routine servicing also improves fuel economy, reduces tire wear, and ensures steering systems operate smoothly.


At Karfix Auto Repair, we want you to enjoy a smooth, trouble-free ride and solid performance from your car. We provide timely suspension repairs and wheel alignment services for standard car maintenance. Bring your car for a same-day diagnostic test, and we’ll give you an accurate assessment of your suspension and how it’s performing. We have expert technicians that can provide you with the best auto repair available.

How We Perform Auto Repair On Suspension & Steering

Our mechanics will run various diagnostic tests when you bring your vehicle to Karfix Auto Repair. They will check the tightness of nuts and bolts, level of power steering fluid, uneven tires or wear, and loose power steering belts. Mechanics will also inspect shocks and struts and look for problems with alignment. Nothing escapes scrutiny or attention. We will remove and replace shocks and struts and ensure your system has enough lubrication if shocks and struts are worn.


Wheel alignment is not a complicated process. It simply involves adjusting the wheel’s angles, so the front wheels and back wheels are perpendicular to the ground at desired angles and parallel to each other. Our diagnostic tests cover the entire steering and suspension system and the four wheels.

Steering And Suspension Repair Holland MI

Your car’s steering and suspension are responsible for road grip and handling, ensuring safety and good performance on the road. Some motorists rarely think about their suspension and steering condition until they start to fail. Carmakers usually recommend having the suspension system inspected and services every 50,000 miles. Others may recommend annual checks. If you notice any of the following problems, bring your car to Karfix Auto repairs for quick inspection and proper repairs:


  • Excessive swaying and bouncing
  • Strange vibrations and shakes
  • Vehicle bounces when crossing  small bumps
  • Difficulty turning the steering wheel
  • Leaking shocks or struts
  • Car makes a clunk when you hit a pothole
  • Screech or click sounds when turning the steering wheel

Steering and suspension parts often wear out with regular use and longer distance. Wheel bearings may wear out due to inadequate lubrication or improper adjustment. Shocks and struts may lose their ability to control your car. When you bring your car, a service advisor at Karfix Auto Repair can perform a quick inspection and tell you what issues you’re up against. Our service center offers various suspension services to help keep your vehicle tuning well and performing at its best. We can also help with modifications involving your car’s suspension. You can trust our mechanics to do a great job with suspension repairs and services and ensure your car is working properly.


The vehicle’s differentials also wear out and need to be replaced. When the differential shows signs of failings, ignore it for long, and it freezes up when you’re driving around Holland, MI, you could lose control of your car and other parts like the driveshaft, wheel axles, and transmission could ultimately get damaged. A strange noise coming out of the axle area is one of the early signs of trouble.

Urgently Need Suspension System Repair? Visit Our Service Center In Holland, MI

Regular diagnostic checks and wheel alignment can help identify potential problems with your car’s suspension and steering and keep the system in good shape. If your car’s handling isn’t smooth or driving gets a little uncomfortable on bumpy roads, we can help. Bring your car to our shop for suspension repair, differentials examination, wheel alignment services, and drive away with a comfortable, trouble-free car again. No matter what part of the suspension or steering needs attention, we’ve got your back. Today, call (616) 512-2727 to set up your next suspension repair and wheel alignment service with our experienced mechanics in Holland, MI.