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Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle, flowing through the engine and keeping parts moving as they should. Over time, contaminants and dirt may find their way into the motor oil, slowing it down and reducing its efficiency.


Dirty oil has a domino effect away from engine problems. When oil goes bad, your vehicle can’t function properly. Dirty oil loses its ability to lubricate moving components, regulate engine temperature, and boost its performance. That’s why car manufacturers and auto repair services encourage car owners to change their oil regularly.


A routine oil change is one of the maintenance services that can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure your vehicle performs at its best. Clean motor oil makes all the difference for your engine’s function and health so get your oil changed with Karfix Auto Repair mechanics today. As a locally owned and operated maintenance services company, we serve the oil change needs of customers in Holland, MI, and surrounding areas. Call to book an appointment with our friendly staff today.

Oil Change And Preventative Maintenance For Car And Truck Owners

Your car’s engine has a ton of intricate and fast-moving parts inside it that needs oil. If your engine runs on dirt oil for a considerable amount of time, it could cause major problems with your vehicle, resulting in major repairs. A critical aspect of routine car maintenance in Holland is changing the oil regularly. A point of contention among automotive experts is how often a person, or local business with a fleet, should change the oil in holland mi 49423. Some maintain that engine oil can’t be modified enough, while others suggest car owners should make changes after every 6,000 miles. The best course of action is to check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations about motor oil type, weight, and duration.


Engine oil undergoes breakdown due to high combustion temperatures. When this happens, the oil loses its lubricating powers. Parts of the engine may rub together and wear each other out over time. That’s not all. Oil also contains special additives that can neutralize harmful acids. These additives are used up and stop being effective. Let’s not forget that engines can absorb and hold dust, water, and combustion byproducts in suspension. Ultimately, the engine oil gets saturated with contaminants and can’t absorb anymore. These contaminants remain in the engine and start wearing it out through corrosion.

Benefits Of Routine Oil Change In Holland MI

Motor oil does a lot to keep your car’s engine running smoothly. Here’s how an oil change protects your car’s engine:


Cleans the engine: Motor oil cleans combustion byproducts and prevents sludge from building up engine parts. Oil locks up dirt and renders it harmless until the next oil change removes the contaminants.


Better gas mileage: If you’re always on the road for longer distances, you pretty much understand the importance of gas mileage. Oil quality and gas mileage go hand-in-hand. Changing your engine oil regularly ensures your engine burns fuel more efficiently. You won’t spend more on gas than you actually should.


Reduces friction: Motor oil creates a protective layer over your engine’s components and contains special additives that prevent contact and reduce friction between the many moving parts. The lubricant helps your engine to operate silently and efficiently.


Removes heat: Oil also moves friction-related heat away from critical areas like the piston rings and distributes it around the car’s engine.


Prevents corrosion/rust: Motor oil has corrosion inhibitors that shield the hard-working engine parts from corrosion beyond the routine oil change interval.


Prevents engine wear and tear: By lubricating your engine parts, motor oil also prevents components from grinding on each other. Without oil, engine parts will overheat, seize up and break down, causing total engine failure.


Longer engine life: Regular and consistent oil changes can prolong your engine’s lifespan, providing your vehicle with more value. With greater fuel economy, proper lubrication, and prevention of sludge and contaminants, your engine is sure to last for many years.

How We Change Your Engine Oil?

When you visit our shop for your routine oil change, we will inspect the system to ensure the oil is being used properly. If we notice potential problems like oil leaks, we will investigate and recommend a fix. We take out the dirty, black oil and replace it with new oil during an oil change. Our service staff will inspect the oil filter during each oil change and replace the oil filter to keep your oil clean from contaminants.


When maintaining your car, you want to use a trusted product for regular oil changes. For all the cars we service, we typically do instant oil changes. We use industry-approved products that run through the engine of the many vehicles we service at Karfix Auto Repair.

We understand that people are busy in Holland, MI, yet they still need their cars to move from place to place, without anything slowing them down. Our experienced technicians can change your engine’s oil in 10 minutes or less. Pretty fast than Valvoline instant oil change, uh? Stop by today for a holland oil change and keep your engine running longer!  We typically recommend that you have your oil changed every 5,000km. Routine lube and oil changes will keep your engine running stronger and running longer.

Want to Change Your Oil? We can help

No matter what type of oil your vehicle uses, it’s vital to have an oil change regularly. Changing your engine oil is a smart way to save on gas and protect delicate engine parts from wear. Not changing engine oil regularly can significantly reduce your engine’s performance and lead to reduced fuel efficiency. If it’s been over six months since your last oil change service or filter change, stop by Karfix Auto Repair in Holland, MI. One of our friendly and ASE-certified mechanics will do a quick oil change so your engine can continue operating efficiently. We can also check your tire pressure, do an air filter change, and perform electrical diagnostics at our service center.