Professional Wheel Alignment in Holland, MI

Our team understands that tire alignment, wheel balancing, suspension system, and proper alignment are necessary. KarFix Auto Repair in Holland, MI, has experience offering various services.

Our services include engine repairs and replacement, brake repair and replacementtransmission repair and replacementbattery replacementelectrical diagnosticsoil change to preserve fuel economy, tire repair and rotationsuspension system and steering repair, and filter replacements.

If you are looking to conduct wheel alignments, need help with steering systems, or check tire wear, our KarFix Auto Repair team is here for you.

Let’s find out more about wheel alignments, how we check the inward or outward angle, why it is necessary to get your tires aligned, and how we offer the best auto repair in Holland, MI.

Wheel Alignment in Holland, MI

Should You Get A Wheel Alignment? What Happens If You Don't?

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels. It is done according to the car’s specifications. An aligned wheel makes sure that your wheels are going straight and correct.

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of the wheels. It is done according to the car’s specifications. An aligned wheel makes sure that your wheels are going straight and correct.

You don’t want to have it where your vehicle’s tires or four wheels are not aligned because that can create many problems.

You may have noticed that race car wheels turn differently than normal passenger car wheels. That is due to wheel alignment. Race cars are adjusted way beyond normal wheel alignment.

Remember that wheel alignments reduce tire wear, and the car’s alignment is a crucial factor in the vehicle’s suspension and regular processes.

Wheel Alignment

Why is Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Wheel alignment is necessary to ensure the performance of your tires and suspension. When your wheel is not aligned, it creates pressure on certain wheel areas. That makes more friction between the road surface and the tire.

You can see and feel the unevenness of the tire. Over time the friction leads to wheels becoming worn on one side only. It will be risky to drive in this situation.

A proper wheel alignment will help your tires last longer and maintain good efficiency. It is part of a general standard car maintenance routine as well.

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How Do I Know If My Car Wheel is Not Aligned?

There are possible signs to notice whenever your wheels are not aligned properly. You can notice these signs by yourself while driving. The signs are:

  • Squealing tires

  • Steering will be noisy

  • Crooked steering wheel when driving straight

  • Uneven tire

If you notice these signs, you need to get your wheels checked by KarFix Auto Repair professional. Drive by our location at Holland, MI, and let our experts handle the issue.

Which Wheel Alignment Do I Need?

There are three types of wheel alignment. These are:

  • Four-wheel alignment

  • Thrust alignment

  • Front end alignment

You have to take your vehicle to a mechanic. The alignment types are categorized based on the type of suspension your car has. At KarFix Auto Repair, we can check the suspension type and recommend the correct alignment based on that.

If you need your alignment checked, visit KarFix Auto Repair today.

Where to Get A Wheel Alignment?

Not all tire or repair shops will get the job done. And even if they did, it may not be appropriately aligned. You should contact your car wheels aligned at a specialized alignment shop like KarFix Auto Repair for your car brand.

Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

Here we have listed the five benefits of wheel alignment.

  1. Smoother Ride

  2. Better Steering

  3. Long-lasting Tires

  4. Fewer Repairs

  5. Fuel Efficiency

Smoother Ride

A wheel that is not aligned will make noises. 

When your wheels are aligned, there will be a balance between the vehicle and the wheels. The suspension will have the capacity to work to its full potential. That results in convenience and comfort during driving.

Better Steering

The steering wheel becomes hard or stiff if the wheel is out of alignment. That makes it harder for you to control the car when driving in a straight line. You will be prone to accidents at this point.


With an aligned wheel, you can easily control the direction through the steering.

Long-Lasting Tires

Your tire will last through its normal lifespan. It will get worn out evenly without causing concern or an accident.

Fewer Repairs

Think about it, not being able to control your car’s direction due to the misalignment of your wheels. That can get you in major accidents. And you will pay more to repair the damaged parts of your car due to the accident.


You can easily avoid this by prosperity getting your car wheels aligned.

Fuel Efficiency

Misaligned wheels create more friction. This friction makes you feel like dragging the car rather than driving it. With the increase in gas price, you will spend more than is required.


Your gas consumption will be much higher. An aligned wheel will roll freely and consume less gas.

How Much Does A Wheel Alignment Cost?

As mentioned above, there are three types of wheel alignment.

  • Four-Wheel Alignment– Costs between $100-$200

  • Thrust Alignment– Costs between $49-$79

  • Front-End Alignment– Costs between $50-$

How Often Should Wheel Alignment Be Done?

It would be best if you made sure to get your wheels aligned every 2 years. But for safety reasons, you should get your car checked whenever you change your car’s oil.


We have listed all you need to know about wheel alignment. Why it is necessary and why you shouldn’t be negligent have been explained. If you notice the listed signs, Contact a professional right away


A wheel misalignment may not be a major problem. But it can cause big accidents. For your and your family’s safety, align your wheel based on how often you need to do it.

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