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What Is Leaking From Underneath The Center Of My Car?

what is leaking from underneath the center of my car

If you have a fluid leak underneath the center of your car, truck, or utility vehicle, you have a transmission fluid leak. We are going to talk more about this below. In the meantime, if you have your transmission serviced every 30,000 miles, we can replace any part that is worn out and at risk of leaking. It is important to take care of your transmission, as a faulty transmission can be an expensive repair.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

The reason why the fluid is leaking from underneath your automobile’s body rather than the engine is that the transmission is located underneath your automobile. In most cases, the transmission fluid will be red in color. This being said, if the fluid is old, it may be brown or black.

Unfortunately, a transmission fluid leak reduces the amount of fluid that is in the transmission to protect it. Consequently, the parts that wear against each other will not be lubricated. As such, they will overheat and your transmission will overheat. You will be able to smell burning odors.

It is important to have the leak repaired right away to avoid damaging the transmission further. As the fluid continues to leak out of the transmission, the moving parts will start to grind against each other and wear each other out. In addition, the excess heat can cause damage to susceptible parts.

Resulting Transmission Problems

As a result, you may start to have problems with the transmission. For example, the parts may start to grind or clunk as they wear against each other. You may also hear squealing noises or humming noises when the transmission is in Neutral. You do not want to hear any sounds in the transmission.

In addition, the transmission fluid is a hydraulic fluid, and, as such, it aids in each gear shift. Unfortunately, this means the transmission may struggle to shift the gears, slip out of gear, or skip gears in the gear cycle. In severe cases, the transmission will become completely unresponsive.

We cannot overstate the importance of bringing your vehicle to our shop as soon as possible if you are having problems with the transmission or a transmission leak. Again, ignoring the issue will cause additional damage to the transmission that can be incredibly costly to repair.

Avoid these problems by calling us today to schedule a service visit for your transmission if it has been over 30,000 miles since you last had it serviced. Schedule a service visit if you are having transmission problems, as well.

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